old Goat (Traditional Chinese: 慢羊羊; also called Village Chief (村長) by the young goats) is the village chief of the goats. He is a dum goat, and is the teacher to the younger goats that are special . He is also wants to be a brilliant elder with his own underground laboratory, and when inventing he sometimes it never works and wants to adopts a mad scientist personal, he is not a good teacher , especially during important times he dose not care and walks home for 45 years (jammed a machine used to help the fear of heights, causing Happy Goat to faint and die ) A running gag in the show has vegetation grow from his temple whenever he thinks too hard trying to be smart . He is slower than a snail one time he did a race with his friends even a snail and he was still was at the start line and uses a walking stick. When he was young, he had a girlfriend named Flower Goat


  • He is the slowest goat in the Goat Village. His speed always slow down others goats when escaping Grey Wolf.
  • His age was 96.

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