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name:happysex: male breed: goat quote: "come on guys lets have fun" nick names: fit goat (paddi), trouble maker, speedy, boy friend (tibbie), pleasant goat, goaty, age: 13

happy is the leader of the young goats. he wears a blue ribbon with a bell around his neck and blue shoes he is in slowlys class In almost every episode he saves the day.

happy is able to brain storm ideas instantly by jumping a lot times. In some episodes he is trying to use these powers by saving the day. And he always almost finds out what to do.

he also been seeing to play pranks on his friends. it was later revealed that his mom and dad were alive working on a faraway planet. after 3 days he saves the day great. he is best friends with paddi and chance. happy gets in big trouble by slowly

Pet Edit

happy's pet apears to be a bouncing horse head (peggy) that always plays chase with him. Peggy may cause trouble he once gave happy a black eye but he always loves happy as his owner

quotes Edit

" come on guys lets have fun"

"tibbie? why are you wearing a pink scarf on your head?

"well your late too"

" hifive"

" come on peggy catch up"

"you there with a pink scarf on your head stop right there!!

"paddi come lazy get speed"

" you cant defeat us!"

"peggy come back wait!"

" fallow me paddi and chance!

" us the goats!"

"I woke up early just I got a black eye"

triva Edit

  • he is the fastest goat
  • his bell has super powers in the 3rd movie
  • he hates when tibbie talks about having a crush on him
  • he is right headed
  • he wakes up the most early
  • his fave food is chilly dogs
  • he is based sonic the hedehog, chuck (angry birds), rainbow dash,

best friends Edit

he gets along with paddi and chance they all 3 get in trouble but they are 3 matched togather also sometimes happy gets along with tibbie and bitsy. he never really gets along with slowly.

gallery Edit

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf
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