kit goat is more brave than pleasant goat. he helps planning to save the day . he is poor but has a brave life . he has a crush on ruthie goat his sister is grace goat grace goat. him and ruthiegoat are best friends . when kitgoat sees villans with fit goat soft goat and pleasant goat . its kitgoats idea to tell slow goat the leader . kitgoat gets mad when ruthiegoat hangs with lazy goat. he is brave more than pleasant goat to be a leader. his brother is fit goat and his sister grace goat. he loves selling super power eggs with grace goat. and is the best boy side on fit goat. he wants to agree to never give up like old goat says. when he sees bad guys he is brave and not scared. he does not go slow goats school like the rest of the goats but him and ruthie. grace goat his sister goes to another school with fat goat. kit goat sits in front row. he is jelous of bully goat that is mean to him but kitgoat gets in trouble by him.

gender: male

friends: pleasant goat ( coisn) fit goat ( brother) grace goat ( sister)pretty goat lazy goat ( sometimes) softgoat ( not anymore)ruthiegoat (girl friend) warm goat ( penpals) tibbie ( sometimes)

age : 9 turned 10


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